Principle 2 - Developing Self-Awareness with Mindfulness Teacher Sabrina Jammy

October 11, 2020 Tom Marshall Season 1 Episode 2
Principle 2 - Developing Self-Awareness with Mindfulness Teacher Sabrina Jammy
Show Notes

How can you stay focused on your own desires?
Tom explores Principle 2: Know yourself better than anything else. Explore your purpose and define your own success. Together with guest Sabrina Jammy, a mindfulness teacher, they discuss how we can better connect with both our body and mind.

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·       Extraordinary Life, Tom’s non-profit personal development foundation

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Show Notes

Tom’s personal story about why he created this principle. [01:25]

Challenges with the principle that are explored on this episode. [05:00]

What does self-awareness mean to Sabrina? [07:13]

You can better navigate a changing world if you know yourself. [08:34] 

How did Sabrina wake-up to the importance of self-awareness? [09:26]

Our mind and emotions can change so quickly. Just like the ocean, we have good waves and bad waves, but our essence remains the same. [12:23]

How has self-awareness helped Sabrina stay focused on her purpose? [13:43]

Mindfulness helps prevent external influences such as social pressure from contaminating your purpose. [14:35]

How Sabrina re-defined her success. [16:25]

How did Sabrina push away the influence of others when setting up her meditation studio? [17:55]]

Focus inwardly on your bodily sensations to understand whether you’re making the right decisions. [18:30]

How can we use thinking and feeling together to create honest reflection? [20:20]

One of the biggest myths of the 21st century is that our minds and bodies are not connected. [22:13)

How does Sabrina build meditation into her daily routine? [23:25}

The danger of doing mindfulness for utilitarian benefits is you stop practicing it when you don’t receive them. [26:25]

The benefits of self-awareness only come when you can sit with both your angels and demons. [28:15]

How has Sabrina’s self-awareness helped her focus on her purpose? [28:39]

How does Sabrina make decisions when she feels conflicting desires? [30:12]

We are curious about our external world but have lost our curiosity about the world within us. [33:08]

We all just want to be seen, loved and heard. [35:15]

Sabrina’s advice for early career professionals who feel like they’re living by other’s definition of success. [36:20]

Sabrina explains her “finding your why” exercise. [36:40]

Take a breath during the day, even if it’s just for three seconds. Self-awareness will arise. [37:59]