Principle 5 - Living a Wealthy Life with Entrepreneur & Researcher, Dorine van der Wijk

October 08, 2020 Tom Marshall Season 1 Episode 5
Principle 5 - Living a Wealthy Life with Entrepreneur & Researcher, Dorine van der Wijk
Show Notes

How can you live a wealthy life? Tom explores Principle 5: “Invest in yourself, not only material possessions. Spend your resources on experiences that provide a life-time return on investment.” Together with guest Dorine van der Wijk, an entrepreneur & researcher, they explore the different forms of wealth and how we can attain an abundance of life’s riches. 

Selected Links

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·       Connect with Tom Marshall
             Website | LinkedIn

·       Dorine’s Article about her wealth research 

·       Tom’s Blog about he discovered communal wealth in Uganda

·       Life Balance exercise


Show Notes 

Tom’s personal story about why he created this principle. [01:40]

Challenges with the principle that are explored in this episode. [06:20]

Introducing Dorine. [06:52]

Why Dorine defines herself as a human being in progress. [07:55]

We are wrapped up in layers of society that hide our true selves. [08:45]

How Dorine discovered she was in “human doing” mode. [09:40]

“I had it all on paper, but it didn’t really make me happy”. [11:35]

Dorine explains her alternative forms of wealth. [12:30]

All forms of wealth must be in balance, in order to be happy. [13:45]

The importance we place on different forms of wealth is continuously changing, so we must keep reflecting. [15:15]

We need to first “be” to understand what actions we should “do”. [16:40]

Dorine’s advice for how people can transition from a “human doing” into a human being. [19:16]

Ask yourself: am I choosing to do this, or am I doing this because my external environment expects me to? [22:20]

How Dorine’s old colleagues reacted to her new lifestyle choices. [23:00]

Consciously choosing what we invest in shapes our lives. [24:15]

“I don’t want to be rich only in a bank account.” [25:35]

Why The Beatles got it right. [26:30]

Transacting from a place other than money creates the emotional benefits of giving and receiving. [27:35]

Capitalism captures only a tiny aspect of wealth. [29:55]

We cannot say we are rich if there’s so much poverty in the world. We’re connected to it, even if it’s on the other side of the globe. [31:55]

Why Dorine thinks people in the “East” are wealthier than those in the “West”. [33:10]

Until you’ve experienced monetary wealth, you don’t realise it won’t satisfy you. [34:55]

If we stop teaching monetary wealth as the definition of success, we can change it. [36:00]

As individuals, we can influence other’s perception of wealth with the way we talk about money. [37:20]

Dorine’s next steps with her research on wealth. [38:35]

Love yourself first and you can then give more to others. [40:45]

Monetary wealth is not wrong, but we must align it with what we want – not external validation. [42:30]

“I never regret a single thing I invested in my journey.” [43:25]

Tom’s reflection on Dorine’s story. [44:00]